We start, buy and operate a portfolio of Technology Businesses.

Apollo Black is a family-owned parent company.

Hi there!

Apollo Black is developing a network of websites in the passion, influencer, and creator economies. Since 2018 we've been working on community platforms that help people live life on their terms - finding freedom, fulfilment, and control of their time in pursuit of self-expression and creation. We primarily do so by helping creators find ways to turn their time into assets and their assets into money.

We love the technology industry. We love it for its trailblazing ideas and imaginative thinking. We love that it pushes humanity forward, connects people, drives significant societal changes and offers growth opportunities to many. We have been apart, helped create and seen it radically transform and change how we live and work over the last 20 years. Since 2018 we've been using our network to connect technology, ideas, people, communities, assets and investors.

We are placing small bets in areas that may initially seem strange or speculative. But we do so to connect what appears unconnected at first. Our products and brands primarily focus on people who live, work and do things differently, from the lone garage inventor to the software maker, the solopreneur to the solo media powerhouse. We understand that many people and businesses want to live and work on their own terms. We like technology businesses that appeal to the deep human desire to be self-directed.

As a family-owned business, our passion lies in pursuing meaningful endeavours that genuinely inspire us. What excites us the most is the prospect of enabling millions of individuals to harness their unique qualities and tap into a readily accessible source of income as independent creators or micro-entrepreneurs. In this pursuit, we aspire to make a significant impact and leave a lasting legacy.

We created Apollo Black to act as the space where we take a long-term view of products, experiment with new and exciting ideas, and invest in and scale opportunities that will hopefully show significant returns someday. This is our playground. Hopefully, in the process of play, we will contribute to improving the lives of others.

Until our virtual paths cross again online,

Apollo Black

P.S. We're acquiring platforms that align with our mission. If you're seeking to sell a community, website, or platform within the creator economy, we provide prompt and straightforward exits for tech entrepreneurs, regardless of whether it's a thriving operation or an untapped gem with immense potential. Feel free to reach out via email to connect with us and arrange a meeting. We look forward to exploring the possibilities together.

Media Enquiries

Apollo Black is building a network of websites within the passion, influencer, and creator economies, empowering creators and makers to thrive on their terms and capitalize on their creations.

Among initiatives, Indiemaker has emerged as a noteworthy milestone, providing creators a platform to buy and sell their digital assets. Additionally. For media inquiries and access to press kits, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to provide the necessary information and support.